Children, Learning, and Computation:

What are the possibilities for children’s intellectual growth when every child has a computer?

In the essays included here, Marvin Minsky shares his wisdom about children, learning, school and computation.
Five of the essays were written for OLPC ( One Laptop Per Child Foundation). The sixth essay was written as a preface to
LogoWorks, a book of challenging Logo projects.

Marvin Minsky points out that

Computer Science is not only about computers themselves; more
generally, it provides us with a whole new world of ways to understand
complex processes—including the ones that go on in our own mind. For
until those new techniques arrived (such as programming languages for
describing processes, and data structures for representing knowledge),
we had no expressions that people could use to articulate—and then
communicate—good new ideas about such things.

Minsky is known world wide as a co-founder of the field of Artificial Intelligence. His books, The Society of Mind and
The Emotion Machine, have provided new insights into how the mind works and how machines can be
given commonsense reasoning.

OLPC 1: What makes Mathematics hard to learn?
OLPC 2: Effects Of Grade-Based Segregation
OLPC 3: Role Models, Mentors, and Imprimers and Thinking
OLPC 4: Questioning “General” Education
OLPC 5: Education and Psychology
LogoWorks: Preface